One Shot Productions  (Video Production)

One Shot Productions (Video Production)

Amazing! Designstaq delivered exactly what we were looking for and stuck to the deadline 110%. Looking forward to working with them again soon in the future!

Bagel Dots  (Food)

Bagel Dots (Food)

Brand Tonic  (Marketing Consultancy)

Brand Tonic (Marketing Consultancy)

Designstaq was fantastic to work with. They were very proactive, accessible and skilled at Squarespace design! They really added value to my initial thoughts for the website and truly made it sing. I felt like I had a real collaborator working with me. They're fabulous and I'd highly recommend them to anyone in need of website design!

Cadron Capital Partners  (Investment Firm)

Cadron Capital Partners (Investment Firm)

Designstaq was an extreme joy to work with. Throughout the entire process, they were available for consultation, provided feedback, and were very honest and transparent about Squarespace capabilities. They produced our website in just under a week and provided us a product that exceed our expectations. They also kept true to what we wanted while also adding nuances we weren't even aware of (but were happy to add to our site). Not only was Designstaq affordable, but they produced quality work in a timely manner. We are 100% satisfied with the work Designstaq has produced and intend to continue working with them on future endeavors!

Pack Up + Go  (Travel Startup)

Pack Up + Go (Travel Startup)

Sunstone Partners  (Private Equity Firm)

Sunstone Partners (Private Equity Firm)

Wild Rye  (Apparel)

Wild Rye (Apparel)

Designstaq did a great job of making the whole experience very user-friendly for a busy solo founder. Thanks so much for making my website look amazing!

De/Ce Ventures  (Tech Startup)

De/Ce Ventures (Tech Startup)

Tricia Wang  (Speaker)

Tricia Wang (Speaker)

I was able to quickly build a trusting relationship with Designstaq, which to me is the key to working with a great team. I trusted Designstaq in their ability to listen to me (even when I wasn't being articulate!), to hold my vision, and to bring it to life. I am beyond happy with my site and even more thrilled to hire and refer them for future work.

The White Gown  (Bridal Boutique)

The White Gown (Bridal Boutique)

Hardaway  (Creative Services)

Hardaway (Creative Services)

This project went off like a dream. Designstaq was extremely professional: on time, on budget, and very responsive. They also have the web development process down and all the latest friendly technology to help the project go smoothly and efficiently. If you need a new website or a refresh, I literally cannot recommend Designstaq more highly. They were a delight to work with and a godsend to me.

Lisa Mosconi  (Author)

Lisa Mosconi (Author)

Tulle Buds  (Flower Delivery)

Tulle Buds (Flower Delivery)

Very responsive and helpful team - both Kathleen and Richard were great. Thank you for getting my website off the ground!

Grand Cru Custom Crush  (Wine Producer)

Grand Cru Custom Crush (Wine Producer)

Hyperscale Group Limited  (Consulting Firm)

Hyperscale Group Limited (Consulting Firm)

Michael Rigley Portfolio  (Art Director and Designer)

Michael Rigley Portfolio (Art Director and Designer)

Designstaq was quite simply superb. Great design and technical skills, excellent communication and beat every deadline - a hugely professional service. The end result has really wowed us and we are delighted. Our expectations have been exceeded and it would be a pleasure to work with Designstaq again. A big thank you from the UK!

Randi & Hef  (Professional Dancers)

Randi & Hef (Professional Dancers)

I wholeheartedly recommend Designstaq to any business looking to set up or revamp its web presence. Both Richard and Kathleen were excellent to work with from start to finish and I am impressed by how smooth the entire process has been. Our website looks great and the technical as well as artistic input provided by Richard and Kathleen has been invaluable.

Pelosi Law Group  (Law Firm)

Pelosi Law Group (Law Firm)

Tory Jacob Photography  (Wedding Photography)

Tory Jacob Photography (Wedding Photography)

I truly enjoyed my experience with Designstaq. They took the time to understand my needs and followed through with a website that I am very pleased with. I appreciate their diligence in making sure my vision was realized.

AgeProof  (Financial Coaching)

AgeProof (Financial Coaching)

W&B Dentistry  (Dental Practice)

W&B Dentistry (Dental Practice)

Designtaq has delivered our vision for our website with ease. They stayed true to their timeline and got everything done in a timely manner. Communication was excellent and all done via e-mail, which made accomplishing tasks effortless. I would highly recommend Designtaq to any company in need of a website. They get the job done and will make sure that you are satisfied with the end product.

Baltisoul  (Online Magazine)

Baltisoul (Online Magazine)

Julianne Aiello  (Yoga Instructor)

Julianne Aiello (Yoga Instructor)

Wander Nest  (Blog)

Designstaq did a perfect job! With their help we could literally achieve everything we wanted with our new website. Thanks heaps for such great work!

Working with Designtaq was a dream - every step was streamlined, the communication was incredibly clear and I am so happy with the end product. They made redeveloping my website fun. I will definitely use their service again!

Mission North  (Non-Profit)

Mission North (Non-Profit)

Jason Hreha  (Consultant)

Jason Hreha (Consultant)

Elephant Moon  (Apparel)

Elephant Moon (Apparel)

Designstaq was terrific from beginning to end. The team understood my needs and communicated with me clearly and frequently. They reconceptualized my site layout and put together a beautiful product. Feels great to have such a polished and professional site.

Align  (Yoga and Meditation)

Align (Yoga and Meditation)

I'm really happy with the finished product. Designstaq was super helpful and managed to guide me through the process of creating exactly what I needed. They were super responsive, reliable and answered all my questions with utmost patience.

EnCloth  (Manufacturing)

EnCloth (Manufacturing)

East & West Style  (Fashion Blog)

East & West Style (Fashion Blog)

Designstaq took a lot of pressure off my busy schedule. They were extremely fast and efficient, helping me create the site that I always dreamed of.

DayPoint  (Mobile App)

DayPoint (Mobile App)

Abigail Soong  (Mechanical Engineer)

Abigail Soong (Mechanical Engineer)

They were great to work with - took interest in the project immediately and were quick and skilled at making the refresh to our Squarespace site.