Squarespace for Busy Founders: What To Put On Your About Page

Here at Designstaq, we love running our own company. We to get to help customers, launch interesting projects, and of course, manage our own time. The hard yet rewarding part is making sure this time gets spent wisely. As a busy founder, we’re sure you can relate.

Enter our Busy Founders Series: a Squarespace for Beginners set of tutorials for people like you – business owners who want to make their own website, and only have time for the fundamentals.

For your basic, informational website, we’ve tackled how to set your Home Page and Contact Page up. As far as fundamentals go, these Pages are pretty crucial in order to compel your visitors to, respectively, explore the site more and make a connection with you. Today, we’ll cover another important Page in your website: the About Page.


There are many reasons why an About Page can impact your business in a great way. The first of which is to establish credibility: after all, customers naturally get curious about the companies they’re buying from. Checking the About Page out is their way of making sure you’re legit and professional.

Another reason why an About Page matters is because, more than just giving information, it’s a great way to enhance your story: be it your company’s or even your own as a founder. You can flesh out the details that further reinforce your branding, company values, or even product philosophy. The question is, what type of details can you add? Which Content is essential, and which is nice to have? Luckily for you, that’s what we’ll tackle today.


There’s so much Content you can place on your About Page. Below is a quick guide that you can apply to your own when you build it.


When it comes to your About Page, the most basic Content you can place is a quick background. Whether it’s about your company or your personal bio, 1-2 paragraphs are usually enough. Below we have 2 different types of examples:

1. Founder Background 

Take East & West’s About Page, for example. Since Jourdie Godley runs his own blog, his About Page covers a quick background about who he is and what he's doing in the fashion industry.


2. Company Background

Another use-case is Mission North’s. Once you head over to their site, the first thing you can click is their About content – where 3 mini-paragraphs summarize who they are and what they do as a non-profit. Short and straight to the point.



The essentials may be the bare minimum of your About Page, but you can always spice things up with more Content to pique your visitor’s curiosity. Below are a few more examples you can try:

1. Founder's Bios

After placing your quick background, you can further customize your bio as a founder to seem more approachable to the everyday visitor. While the bare minimum is to make sure you explain who you are and what you're doing with your company, a bio can have more interesting details that give a fuller picutre about person behind the scenes. Take W&B Dental’s for example – by placing personal details about the founders, it gives you a clearer picture into their personalities.


2. Company’s Mission, Vision, History or Values

Beyond saying who you are and what you do, a great way to enrich your company’s story for the reader is by explaining why you do what you do: whether it’s the founding principles that set you guys apart (values), the “origins” story of how your company came to be (history), your commitment to customers about how you aim to provide value in their lives (mission), or even your optimistic projections about what your company will achieve for the industry in the near future (vision). Pelosi Law Group’s is a great example that uses values to get this point across:


3. Qualifications

Oftentimes, companies or founders certify themselves in order to assert their expertise. You want your customers to trust you and work with you, and in order to do that, you have to make sure they can tell that you’re the authority when it comes to fulfilling their needs. This is where your qualifications come in: whether they're awards you’ve won, programs you’ve graduated from, affiliations with professional institutions, or even mentions in credible media publications, you can use your About Page as the perfect tool to highlight these features and more. Check out Pack Up + Go's About Page for reference:



As you can see after reading this post, there are so many ways to make your About Page fun and interesting for your potential website visitors! The goal is to be succinct, credible and compelling. With our use-cases above, we’re sure you’ll find similar content you can use to your advantage.

And that wraps up the Content part of our Busy Founder Series! Time sure flies by fast. We hope you’ve learned enough to get your website creation going! But don’t worry, it doesn’t stop here. Next up, our next series of posts will cover Content’s other half: Style. Tune in next week for the deets!

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